The Independent Recruiter Hub provides the tools and support network for experienced recruiters to set up their own business, allowing its members to focus purely on sales. Being a member of TIRH increases your earning potential whilst enabling you to tailor your working week to suit your own personal circumstances. We take away the pain typically associated with running your own business and remove the barriers stopping you from setting up on your own.

Why would you do this?

Here are the top reasons given by our members.

  • Money

    Recruiters we've met nearly always say they are money motivated. Working with the Independent Recruiter Hub, you will earn up to 4 times more than you would being employed and billing the same amount.

  • Autonomy and Control

    Autonomy and Control. You will be your own boss. Choose your own KPIs or do away with them completely. Earn the money you want to earn. Work the hours you want to work.

  • Work Life Balance

    Have the freedom to take the kids to school, finish early on a Friday for a beer or just finish early because you are having "one of those days!"

  • Ready Made Network

    Once we have helped set up your business, we will not leave you on your own. You will have a dedicated account manager and we will introduce you to the other members to provide you with a support network from day one.

What we provide you with

We take away the hassle ensuring you can spend your time on recruiting.

Branding & Website

We set you up with our favourite designer who will work with you to design your logo, business cards and website. If you've got ideas of your own, our designer will bring these to life. If design is not your strong point, don't worry, it is our designer's! He will provide ideas, you just need to say which ones you like best!.

How much could you earn?

See how much you could earn compared to working for a typical recruitment agency.

Enter your annual billings

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    The Independent Recruiter Hub

  • Annual earnings

    Typical Recruitment Agency


Things to consider

Being self employed is not for everyone and we want to make sure any potential new members join with their eyes wide open. Here are three things to consider:

  • 1There is no fixed salary. If you are not placing candidates, unfortunately, you will not be paid.
  • 2Given the time it takes to recruit a role and a client to pay an invoice, it can take between 3 and 6 months after starting the business before you see any money. You need to ensure you have the resources to live for this period of time. If this is the only thing stopping you becoming a member, have a conversation with us and we may be able to help.
  • 3There will not be a team of people sat around to bounce ideas off every day as there would if you were employed. However, we do have regular meetings where you will get to know the other members and are always on the end of the phone. You can even come and share our office for a few days at a time if you feel you need extra support!